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The current status of the financial markets has left many investors nervous and uncertain. With the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) across the world, the markets have reacted with more volatility than usual. Unfortunately, this has led many people to react out of fear, can result in big investing mistakes.

However, where some see fear and disaster in this situation, we see opportunity.

If you noticed that your portfolio did not adequately track the market’s upside in 2019 or is performing poorly in the current volatile environment of 2020 (relative to the allocation of stocks in your portfolio), it might be due to poor positioning.

Now is the time to fix this.

While many are telling investors to do nothing during this time of market volatility, we believe that you can utilize more active investment strategies to adjust your money based on the market actions. It is more proactive than a simple "buy and hold" philosophy, and it could potentially help your portfolio perform better during a recovery.

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